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Why is the supply of waste plastics in Malaysia in short supply?

2018/11/21 20:12:46

In the first half of 2018, the total output value of the Malaysian plastics industry reached 1.465 billion ringgit (about 2.427 billion yuan), and the export volume reached 760 million ringgit (about 1.17 billion yuan), accounting for 48% of the total output.

The main export products are primary plastics, plastic containers, plastic plates, film, plastic sheets, plastic foils, plastic strips and other plastic products, so the demand for waste plastics in Malaysia is also high。

It is understood that the price of importing one ton of waste plastics from abroad is only one-third of the price of imported plastic raw materials, and the processing cost is only one-half of the raw materials used。

Xie Shijun, vice president of the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association, told the Caijing Shibao: "Any business has two sides。 For the Malaysian plastics industry, waste plastics are in short supply。 A medium-sized plastics processing plant can digest more than 20,000 tons of waste every year。 Plastics, there are currently more than 100 waste plastics processing plants in our country。"

He also said, "The quality of plastic products in Malaysia is among the best in the world, because we produce according to international standards。 In order to meet the huge market demand, we will also import plastic pellets from other countries, but from the perspective of cost savings。 It is considered that the total ban on the import of waste plastics will have a negative impact on plastics processing enterprises。"

However, the imported waste plastics have indeed caused great pollution to the environment in Malaysia. Especially in the process of recycling and recycling of waste plastics, the water used for cleaning has a great impact on the environment. The Malaysian government has also vigorously rectified and restricted overseas in recent years. Waste plastics import and waste plastics processing market, strict control of the issuance of waste plastics import approval permit.

In fact, Malaysia is not a complete ban on the import of waste plastic waste, but it is forbidden to mix waste plastics, because even if they are processed into plastic granules, the quality is very poor, and the unprocessable foreign garbage can only go to the landfill road. , has a great impact on the environment.

Many of the waste plastics processing plants in Malaysia are equipped with sewage treatment equipment. The filtered sewage is not only non-toxic, but also can raise fish, which not only shoulders social responsibility but also ensures the economic benefits of the enterprise.

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